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Hcs 455

Hcs455 - Once the first stage of a policy has been completed one still have to complete the final stages of the process.   These stages consist of evaluation, analysis, and revision along with one other stage.   Nonetheless, putting this together will help to make this policy process become law in regard to the HIV/AIDS epidemic within the United States and Nationwide areas.

Hcs 455 - After the plans have been issued, there is an evaluation that needs to be performed to test how the well the plan is implemented.   This plan is to make sure programs receive the information out about how to prevent HIV/AIDS virus.   This evaluation needs to include the statics on how well the plan is working, demographic areas, and the infected/uninfected individuals.

Hca240 - Next to that this evaluation is including the resources there is in each community that will be able to help continue or either provides adequate care to these recipients.   Guidelines will be given to each organization has a way to impose within their company on how this will determine and help build what they are trying to accomplish and portray to the public.

Hca 240 - On the other hand this evaluation will help to determine if the company has complied with the federal rules and regulations of the law.   There would be a specialized company that would handle this particular function.   The name of the company that would handle this function is called OSHA.   They ensure that businesses that operate in the medical field by committing evaluations at a minimum of twice a year.

Hcs 455
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